Bill Helin’s Limited Editions on paper and canvas.

Some of Bill’s available prints date back to 1984 all the way through to his most recent releases.

New Sun Raven image available in December. Printed on canvas in 3 sizes or custom size

These can be custom ordered (Giclee printed not Serigraphed) in size and material, ie; paper, canvas or glass.

Prints come in 3 sizes on canvas or can be expanded beyond 2×3′

Most of my paintings are done digitally now, unless I have a commissioned project.

Black and White Formline Sample done on Photoshop

Logo Salmon Spirit Logo Design

Many used to think that digital painting didn’t have any artistic value as an original creation. I used to be one of those skeptics, or critic, that is until I first tried to paint a picture for my first limited digital print.

Lots of time can go into a digital print because of the almost infinite amount of ways you can transform and recolour or shade your image.

Lax Kw’alaams Historical – Painted in 2014