Most of my career has been about designing mostly jewelry for clients who want their story told through Aboriginal Mythology. My art style comes from my Tsimshian Indigenous heritage on my late Father’s side of the family. My mother is Norwegian,and as much as I love the Norse style I haven’t incorporated it into my art much except for in my jewelry and some tattoo designs.

All cultures are unique in their mythology and their art forms that tell the stories of their history. Because all of our stories were mostly kept alive through history verbally some so called history experts have said that our knowledge of accurate history isn’t accurate. Especially since the religious narrative was that all our teachings were detrimental to the biblical teachings. Again history reveals how hypocritical and evil most of the so called Christian teachers were. Bad rap for true wisdom in the Bible.

My Tsimshian Ancestors weren’t perfect in their teachings and examples but they were certainly much more spiritually in tune with the spirit world and vibrations of Nature and our Creator’s omnipresent existence than any of the colonial warriors of the Queen and Vatican, who were sent to dehumanize and exterminate our people.

I don’t like digging up past atrocities and dark demons of the past but when our Government uses the media to announce that large sums of money to cover up their deeds, only to get most of those tax payer monies back because of ineffective gifting programs set up on the reservations. Where did the excess funds go? Take a guess.


Then the media convinces the tax payers that they should have bad feelings towards Aboriginal people. Obviously these are the same tactics used to keep us all divided rather than unified in a common healing mindset, but that wouldn’t be very profitable I guess.

I like to focus on the healing that I have received through learning what my Ancestors did to stay strong in mind, spirit and body for thousands of years before the pale skin deceivers arrived on our shores. I have learned so much about the secret language of our art forms and teachings of our knowledge keepers and about our secret society that has revealed important information about our earth’s natural cycles.

Our Thunderbird legend is truly the most important of all the stories that have carried on for thousands of years as a warning to our future generations. Most of the artifacts that were stolen from our villages disappeared into the collections of our controllers never to be seen again. Fortunately old photographs have been published for decoding reference and inspirational art pieces that during each creative journey I took revealed the true spirit of my Ancestors and what they were wanting to speak to one of our tribal members that looked deep enough into the mythological art that survived.

”There is a beautiful and mysterious language in our designs, like code talk for the ‘knowledge keepers’ and the survival of our future generations.

I have spent thousands of hours escaping into the mythology of our traditional Tsimshian designs, which has amazingly prepared me for these times and the revealing of the truth about the history of our world/realm.”


There are numerous ways our traditional healing took place, whether it was through drumming, singing and living through the spiritual connection to nature and animals or the intimate interaction of their lifestyle as hunter and gatherers and communal living.

Natural herbs and seafoods were wonderful untainted food sources that they survived on year round along with very complexed social systems and well prepared entertainment and storytelling to pass the long cold wet winter nights.

Their was no needed therapy programs you just did what you had to do daily as a well oiled tribal team unified in a harsh but beautiful environment that you taught to be thankful to the Creator ‘Lakaga’ for on a daily basis. All of these teaching were composed into all the articles and regalia, totem poles and house front paintings for visitors to see and for a daily reminder of their special existence in the world. A wonderful thing to reflect on as we try to stay sane in this convoluted and vibration distorted world.

I am truly thankful that I have had such a wonderful creative learning journey and for people like you who have supported my career and respected my Aboriginal Heritage enough to read my writings.

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Author Calvin Helin has written a number of wonderful eye opening books that will give you a true view of what has happened to all Aboriginal people in Canada and some thought provoking solutions, that are unfortunately hindered by Government road blocks.

His latest book soon to be released is the most amazing book he’s written, revealing many truths of our true history and the times we are presently enduring.


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