Originals, Hand Painted on canvas and paper, some images are digitally painted and all take a lot of time to create as an original. Custom orders for your special love or corporate gift.

I started painting when I was very young but never seriously until 198o when I started learning to paint Tsimshian designs, which are the most challenging designs to paint.

Eagle Nest Fam
Eagle Momma and Hungry Chicks 12 x 32″ original acrylic on canvas painted in 2006 $1500.
Everado framd print
Custom painting for client who surprised his new wife with this wedding present of their favorite love and engagement moment.
You can custom order something similar starting at $3500. and have copies made for wedding gifts or corporate gifts.
Painting for corporate client
Lake Sam Print
Painting for corporate client
Lax LH Ravens
Available as a giclee print any size
PR Totem Silhtte copy
My Dads memorial pole in Prince Rupert, Available as a giclee print any size starting at $350.
Raven Sun 2
Prints on canvas or paper starting at $350- only 50 in the edition for each size size
Ravens n grizzly copy
Painting for private client as a Xmas gift
Rose Isl Painting
Rose Island at our village in Lax Kwalaams prints available