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Red Cedar 7×7’

A personal project started in 2017 and ready for flight this October, hopefully to your home.

My raven panel sculpture is 7 feet long with a 6 foot wing span, carved from a red cedar plank.

It retails at $19500. with a shared commission to anyone who helps me sell it, or it can be viewed at the Beach Club Resort.

Please call first at 250-240-1007


I used available matterials, as I usually do, all red cedar seasoned planks and one large thick slab, of second growth, which made for the nice wide grain feather like formations. Fine detailing was a little difficult, especially where the knots were located.

Usually most seasoned carvers of my trade, will use the finest and clearest first growth cedar, which make the carving process much easier. A variety of power tools make tough wood carving projects smoother than being restricted to even the sharpest wood carving tools.

As always I used acrylic paint and a clear natural wood stain then I used floor wax for a final protective shine, once hand polished.