Love Rings- special testimonials

In most Indigenous cultures there are unique customs, traditions and practices. One important tradition is some type of mythological designing practice, usually depicting animals in a beautiful refined phantasy art form.

These write ups feature the observed definitions of each animal as they have been characterized for a few hundred years or so. These Life Crests mean nothing spiritual, they merely tie in familiar characteristics of each animal and by Tradition are used to represent Tsimshian and other west coast tribal groups similar to Family Coat of Arms or even nowadays, logo designs.

Soldering a 14k gold salmon onto a sterling silver bracelet

Gold on Silver is the New Popular Fad

With gold prices so high now many people have turned to a more affordable choice for their Love Rings and Bracelets. Applying gold onto silver is a challenging process but still more inexpensive than solid gold jewelry.

Fashion Versatility

One other plus for combining the two precious metals is that you can wear it with either gold or silver jewelry in your collection.

I can create your customized Love Jewelry with your choice of traditional Tsimshian mythological designs or you can request any concept and I can hand engrave it especially for you or your loved one.

Two headed eagle

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