“I Love to teach about my Tsimshian heritage and the wonderful history before the Europeans came in with their destructive Colonialism and deceptive religious teachings.

My cousin, author and Aboriginal lawyer has written numerous top selling books on all topics related to my statements.

Calvin’s latest book thoroughly and deeply researched, speaks an easy read about topics that tie into the government’s management of the Aboriginal populations and continued disrespect towards our humanity. Very exciting book to say the least.

Much of it relates to our current world pandemic program, which is so similar to the time in history when the SMALLPOX VIRUS was delivered to most Aboriginal populations worldwide. In other words, now everyone is being exposed to extermination and control experiments of our Pharmaceutical Politics.

On a happier note, I really enjoy drumming and singing with children of all ages.

I have worked with a few companies to make education books and toys that can be included in the teaching process. It has been very rewarding for me.” Bill Helin

If you’re interested in any of my services or K-10 programs in person or by Zoom you can contact me via e-mail or text me at 250-240-1007

Thank you.