“I Love to teach about my Tsimshian heritage and the many Traditions that were so important for the unity with the tribe and with nature.

I really enjoy drumming and singing with children of all ages because of the focus it brings to a classroom setting and because of the many health benefits the vibrations offer.

I have worked with a few companies to make education books and toys that can be included in the teaching process. It has been very rewarding for me.” Bill Helin


Most of my career has been a continual learning experience for me.

Meeting so many unique and wonderful people in many different walks of life and exciting careers.

Most of these awesome people either represent a big product production company or retail store, or own it, or both.

I was either approached by their company or I sought them out to reproduce my art and designs, in a respectable honest way. Track records all approved before I moved ahead with them.


Do your research, as I already mentioned, and find out from other artists and designers who have worked with a reproduction company, before you commit your copyrighted art and designs.

Additionally you should have legal agreements that state all the details of product sales and reasonable Royalty Payments, usually Quarterly.

Important…the cheaper the product the lower the royalties on each item and that you have a legal right to request auditing of their books at anytime.

There are many printable agreements online and investigate the Ownership of Copyright you will maintain throughout the reproduction agreement you sign, unless the company wants to buy your copyright, Do Diligence and be Copyright educated, or find a lawyer to represent you, preferably a Copyright Specialist.

If you want more advice about any art and culture related business or careers, contact me via e-mail or text me at 250-240-1007

For more information on book publishing there’s tons on YouTube and Google, as you all know right?