What is Drum Culture? I see it as a practice of an ancient tradition that becomes somewhat of a lifestyle, used to teach and share what we are taught and how we respectfully pass it on to future generations.

Happy Moon Drum and Burl Table

In 2013 I was diagnosed with heavy metal toxic overload. For the next few years I dealt with many agonizing symptoms inside and burning off of skin as the HMs burned it’s way out.

“Skin burned off over 3/4 of my body as the HMs flowed out of me”

After going through intensive HM detoxing and regular ionic foot bath treatments for over 3 months and suffering from disabling nerve pain, I was introduced to a vibrational treatment technology that gave me hope for survival.


Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Therapy. This amazing technology has been around for thousands of years, rediscovered by a true scientist and inventor by the name of Royal Rife, who developed his own electromagnetic frequency machines that repaired human cell damage and much more healing capabilities.

Many dollars and treatments later I discovered my own Royal Rife healing tool. Very primitive compared to PEMF type technology but amazingly beneficial, and also being used for thousands of years.

I had only been doing traditional Tsimshian drumming as a part of my art career since 1985, playing a few old songs but never really delving into the historical incantations because of spiritual fears.

My Youngest daughter Candice and I performing at the outdoor stage of the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre in Errington


There are a multitude of vibrational benefits that have been scientifically and medically researched for many years now.

Here are ten proven benefits that can be done anywhere, anytime, with any type of vibrational drumming instrument.

1-Reaching all areas of the brain

2-Enhancing Immune System

3-Deepening meditative focus called ‘Theta State’

4-Reducing Stress,Tension and Anxiety

5-Reducing Body Pain

6-Inducing Syncronous Brain Activity

7-Enhancing Cancer Killing T Cells

8-Strengthening the Eyes

9-Detoxing the body

10-Fighting Diseases

There are many more that you can research on the internet as I have done, with great amazement and enthusiasm. It was wonderful to know that this small Traditional Drumming presentation, was so much more than I’d ever imagined. More than just a cultural act.