Tattoo Designing

Feathers of Friends and Family

I have been designing tattoos for over 30 years now and have decided that it’s time for a career change. Yes I have started a Tattooing Apprenticeship to learn all the fine details of permanent body art.

A two headed eagle I designed for a Maori Chief friend, applied by 82 year old Maori tattoo artist

I won’t be ready to hit the skin until August but until then we can discuss ideas and work on your Life Crest Story. What a creatively fun journey it shall be.

Butterfly Chilkat Story of Freedom

Text me for more info or to book some design time.


Tattoo Style Octopus


Finger Puppets have been used in the education system and in human development and therapy classes for many years now.

In 2018 I was approached by a company called Plush Toys located in Surrey B.C. about designing stuffed animals for the retail gift market.

I suggested designing finger puppets to go with my education books published by Strong Nations Publishers in Nanaimo B.C.

We now have a large collection of puppets that can be interacted with a canoe and a longhouse carry case.

All the collection have been well received at home and in the school class rooms across Canada and used for role playing, lesson teaching and complimenting the book collection that features the characters.

I will also be featuring them in my Story Journeys with my granddaughter Trinity on video download with a paid membership.

Drum Vibrations and Tattoo Design

It’s always good to have a backup job, maybe even a useful trade that helps you survive through a challenging economy or job loss, could even be because of and accident or extended illness like I had for over five years.

I love my art career and all the various creative outlets I have, but of course neither are among the necessary needs in life, like income security. Now I’ve chosen to learn the fine permanent art of tattooing, which has intrigued me for many years.

Young people it’s wise to have some kind of trade in life, even if you hate it.

Or how hard it is to comprehend a manual labour job.

Based upon our economic history, we are headed for another big crash. It’s already affected my art career three times in since I started my Native art career in 1982.

Now I’m focusing a lot into my cultural drumming and tattoo design. Drumming up a new clientele that are interested in living a better life and healing through drum vibes and body art.

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I’ve been dealing with shingles for over 3 months now. I thought it was going away a couple weeks ago, hoped anyways. Never had them before but I have been detoxing heavy metals from my body, right up into my skull, so I just figured the virus affects were the continued necessity to detox.

Then when the rashes on my lower spine spread into my left hip and started to burn itch then bubble I thought I had been bitten by a spider or a tick. But that carried on up my spine and into my brain. Causing higher screeching of my already existing tinnitus, in my left ear.-do some research on it, it will be a real ear opener.- and so many people have it and there is no cure, for serious tinnitus anyway.

Whole other lecture on that topic…so my brain went foggy and so did my eyesight and I was feeling faint all the time, and I got terrible insomnia. All from the chicken pox virus when I was 9 years old.

Main cause was a battered immune system and leaky gut, and too much hard work and play. I was having a great summer, then a move and workshop rebuild. Merry Xmas and a tough start to 2020. Add in some relationship stress and lots of time trying to sleep and trying to strengthen my immune system. Yes cloudy brain really didn’t help matters either. Lots that going around because of dirty EMFs.

Look it up please, I’m not that in love with typing, I’m an artist by passion and necessity from birth.


Rain Barrel Affect written by Dr.Stephan Cabral

I’m all about researching almost everything that can ail or kill a human being, what else can you be doing when you can’t function and are bed ridden? So I now know how deadly heavy metal poisoning is, and is the main cause of cancers of all kinds, and that pesky little parasites love to build their homes in it, all throughout out our organs and bones, anywhere in your body.

I choose to take the costly natural path for most part, plus we have access to so much information on the internet, that you can almost eliminate doctors, if you want to work hard to understand the true healing capabilities of your brain, stomach and ultimately for whole body. Or you can pay for expensive pharmaceuticals.


So finally I realized that I had shingles, just after having some blood tests, zyto scans and iridology. Love all this new technology and not sitting in a doctor’s office to get another prescription.

I can’t sleep on my sides at the best of time, the rash goes from my lower spine out down my hip, burning and sharp pains. And a head that won’t shut off. Rest is all you want in your body and your head.

Sleeping pills weren’t working for for than a couple hours. Then I discovered UDream, and then they took it off the market. What a surprise hey? Because it worked better than sleeping pills, and it was all natural.

So I could go on whining about this latest health issue and I know heavy metal poisoning and other health issues are worse, so it’s important to be thankful for everything and everyday, because I know it could be worse.


Some who have got the vaccinations have still got the virus, so there is no guarantee you won’t get it, especially since you had the chiickpox virus that never left your body. And a vaccine is another mystery substance that big pharma has created with substances that are for more questionable than the mystery substance they say is in UDream.

Most importantly keep your immune system strong and be super respectful to your gut and brain. Less booze, stress and if you’re over 50 take a good digestive enzyme with every meal, especially with lunch and dinner.

Lots of water, add lemon and ginger in the morning especially, and start the day with a great full meal raw smoothie, like may daughter Reanna taught me. A Cabral shake I think she calls it.

Try to rest, it’s usually all you feel like doing anyway but really macho people? Take a break and rest it out, hopefully it’s through the winter. It sucks more to have rashes and brain fog in the heat of summer.

Oh and the rash does not react well to saunas and hot salt baths. Found that out after the fact. Apply cold packs when trying to lay down for rest and sleep. Take tons of vitamin B12, manuka honey works well in your mouth and on the rashes.

Thankfully I didn’t get the rash on my face and into my eye. It can blind your eye and hurts even more there. No cures just band aids to help you ride it out. You can train your brain to deal with the pain. Or use drum beat therapy or PEMF treatments, which works great for the nerve irritation of the varicella-zoster virus, or chickenpox / shingles virus.

One title would be sufficient for this virus, like Be Gone Faster Virus would work.

Hope you never get it, and I hope it never comes back. Mostly I hope this corona virus doesn’t get as bad as Bill Gates predicted it will. Every other virus won’t compare to the scare of it, mainly to get the masses to receive the universal vaccine. They say it will protect us from all viruses. Or not. Do you trust Them?

Do your research and try to stay strong and ready for what’s coming.

Self photo by Candice Helin

Love Raven’s Memorial Bench

If you are interested in a personal memorial bench or just a Love Bench for your home entrance way send me a message and I will send you a quote.

I worked on a special red cedar project with Protection Island wood crafter Mat Colleret, Two Ravens memorial bench for our dear friend Roger.

Fully hand carved by myself with copper accents and beautiful bench crafting by Mat. Retail cost start at $7500.

Drum Therapy and Wellness Program



I have some wonderful news about a new project that I have been working on, with a fitness company in Qualicum Beach.

Our project will be focussing on fitness, cultural awareness and over health and wellness through Tsimshian tribal dance and drumming.

We will be offering weekly drumming fitness and wellness programs by the hour, for families and individuals of all ages, as well as pre-booking for our exciting four day retreats.

Basic classes will focus on drumming and fitness for all levels, and the retreats will consist of all aspects of drumming, stretching, healing, drum making and design painting.

We are planning wonderful Tsimshian meals and snacks, along with advice from our health and wellness coach, estetics and jade stone massage services.

Another highlight for next season will be a canoe journey in our new dugout cedar canoe, using paddles made at the retreat facility.

So much to experience and share.

You can contact me at or text me at 250–240–1007 for more information.


I will be sharing drumming and wood carving at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre until November. Hope to see you there.



All logo designs can be commissioned for non profit use only or for reproduction a copyright purchase with guidelines can be negotiated.

Copyright ownership costs start at $1000. for branding and identity purposes.

We offer complete logo designing services for any type of business.

Bill Helin specializes in Northern Style Aboriginal designs and has been approached many times to incorporate Native design with non traditional elements.

“I look forward to discussing your branding ideas. Text me at 250-240-1007

-and thank you for your interest in my artwork.” BH


In my Tsimshian culture animal Life Crests are very important visual representations of Tribal Clans, which are bloodline connected from birth through our Mothers. In this day and age there has been a break down of the protected bloodline tradition so that to maintain the traditional practice it has to be done through adoptions and tribunal committee agreements.

My Mother is Norwegian but wasn’t adopted traditionally so I have carried my Grandmothers Life Crest on my Tsimshian side of the Family, which of course is my Fathers Aboriginal side, making my Clan Crest as the Raven.

Choose Your Life Crest

First you can choose an animal or design topic that will represent you as an engraved symbol on your jewelry. You can also use family Coat of Arms or logo designs, but I encourage you to be unique about your symbols.

Most of my clients choose their favorite animals and sometime they will choose two. I recommend no more than three for a Love Ring and 1/2″ bracelets.

Secondly I will send your concept via e-mail and you can review it and give me your insights and further ideas, if any.

Thirdly I will start the metal preparation and apply your design and then hand engrave it into the precious metal.

Eagle Bracelet Design


I call it an adoption when my clients request one of my Tsimshian Tribal Designs for their Life Crests.

Most people respectfully understand that these designs are passed on from many generations of Tribal use and they want to share in the true respect of the tribal and family ownership of some of the designs.

Most of the designs I create are newly inspired just for my clients, as I want everyone to have an original concept for their special occassion and investment.

No adoption papers are needed just my permission by design. I give you permission to wear my originally created design for you no matter what traditional Tsimshian animals you choose.

“I am thankful for your interest in my wearable art and look forward to our creative journey”. Bill Helin