Drum Therapy and Design?

It’s always good to have a backup job, maybe even a useful trade. I love my art career and all the various creative outlets I have, but of course neither are among the necessary needs in life, like income security. Young people it’s wise to have some kind of trade in life, even if you… Read More


I’ve been dealing with shingles for over 3 months now. I thought it was going away a couple weeks ago, hoped anyways. Never had them before but I have been detoxing heavy metals from my body, right up into my skull, so I just figured the virus affects were the continued necessity to detox. Then… Read More

Drum Therapy and Wellness Program

I have some wonderful news about a new project that my daughter Candice Helin, and I have been working on, with a fitness company in Qualicum Beach. Our project will be focussing on fitness, cultural awareness and over health and wellness through Tsimshian tribal drumming. My youngest daughter Candice Helin is a certified trainer and… Read More


COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP All logo designs can be commissioned for non profit use only or for reproduction a copyright purchase with guidelines can be negotiated. Copyright ownership costs start at $1000. for branding and identity purposes. We offer complete logo designing services for any type of business. Bill Helin specializes in Northern Style Aboriginal designs and has… Read More