End Times?

Hi folks, thank you for taking time out of your very busy day just read my blog.

I know I’m an artist and these blogs usually would topic my art and career but I care about this world and the people on it enough to share my thoughts about what’s happening. Of course you’ve heard in the news what’s going on in countries around the world and Canada. Unfortunately mainstream media features mostly political stuff that fits a specific agenda, even though I do believe our political leaders are not working on our behalf, as residents of this beautiful country.

I do hope and pray that you do thorough research to get all sides of the news and don’t allow them to get you riled up against other Nationalities, it’s their intentions. They promote fear, division and they distract us from the truth.

As a Christian I believe the Bible teaches us to be politically neutral and to not focus on what dishonest people and their greedy and heartless deeds, the world has been in turmoil in so many ways that I wanted to focus more on God and what His words have to say about the future. I love my family and they are all so very important to me that I chose to not be watching the tv and gossip news programs for comfort and hope.

It’s very difficult to have compassion and reach out to help the hurting people around the world when we are so bombarded with gossip news and programs that waste our time. Sad that we can’t even deal with our own local problems like the homeless, jobless and broken families.

It’s so hard to be bold about our Christian beliefs especially with so much negativity about churches and so called Christian leadership. I searched around and visited some of the Churches I attended many years ago but left disappointed and spiritually empty.

After battling through an overload of heavy metals for the past few years I was wanting to commit my life to God and be a better person and father/Grandfather, especially since I prayed to Him about another chance to make a difference.

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