Freedom of ————-.

So what can we say about our world these days that won’t get us censored?

What can we do now in our world that is safe?

Our prime minister continually makes statements that only divide us rather than repeating his opening statements “We’re all in this together “, and with his new beard and moustache to make him look more mature and trustworthy, almost very similar to Fidel Castro, weird similarity don’t you think?

An excerpt from a YouTube video of a valiant hero Canadian Lady who said to JTs face what most of us wish we had the balls to honestly speak, protected by the Constitution that the politicians want to abolish for their agenda.

With so many restrictions and guidelines that vary from place to place, is it any wonder that many have been losing control of their sensibilities?

I’m not, well who can these days with heavy restrictions on churches? attending any churches or reading the bible as much as I used to, but I can’t help but reflect on what Jesus said about the signs of the end of the world., as we know or knew it.

Every Bible has a translation of this end time, end of the system etc. that said it continues in the direction of people losing common affection, family turning against each other, fear and deception.

Also he spoke of signs in the Heavens and in the Earth that would intensify up to the return of the Son of Man.

His statements could be translated whatever way we want them to but the truth of the matter is the Bible has been very accurate about Prophecies and other Predictions.

It saddens me to see the overwhelming fear put on us by a media and government that seems to have many questionable areas that don’t make sense. But most have chosen, for the first time in my lifetime, to trust the government and a major Pharmaceutical Industry, both having horrible terrible track records.

With my own knowledge of my Tsimshian ancestry and all Aborigines of the world and the genocide and so many crimes and lies to and about Aboriginal Human Beings.

Our leaders are now becoming very aggressive in moving faster and faster in the direction of communism.

If you could secretly do research and think for yourself maybe their is another possibility other than what a government controlled media is saying on TV, radio, internet and even music and movies.

History tells the story, what’s true history, that is.

Two sides to every story, right? Freedom to discuss even Flat Earth Theories without some media trained cynicism or religious topic hypocrisy please.

Can’t we just have discussions anymore without all that unfair rhetoric? Apparently not, bullies are having a hay day hidden behind their Ritualistic Shame Muzzles or Safety masks that don’t even work, according to anyone who knows what proof by True Medical science.

My hope is that we move beyond one controlled narrative and we all think for ourselves with the vision of our children’s future and their children’s futures.

We are all Human Beings on this planet, who started all this division in the first place? I’ve spent many many hours doing research in search of the truth, I encourage all my brothers and sisters of our human race to do the same, and please remember, we, not the politicians and global elite, are all in this together.

Praying for unity and freedom from Tyranny. Bless you all and thank you for reading this with an open and non judgemental mind.

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