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It’s sad that we are seeing people venomously attacking others for the choices they are making in this media poisoned world.

I have been observing both sides of the news online, yes you can get mainstream and Blocked media reports on YouTube and Bitchute, and it sickens me that there is so much deception.

I’ve been ridiculed by family, friends and strangers, even mocked, for doing research in all areas, All Areas. I love my children and grandchildren and it’s my duty to know what is happening and why it’s happening.Plus I like to hear other humans points of view, as long as it’s not inspired by mainstream media Fear Porn.

Our constitution states we ALL have a right to choose what we do with our own bodies. It is illegal to be forced or bullied in Any Way to have experimental unproven substances injected into our bodies!

All you bullies are breaking the law with our government’s approval and encouragement, what does that say about our freedoms and our society? And why all of a sudden are people trusting our government? And big Pharmaceutical? They all have very bad track records. Very bad, we finance it all.

I was reading something on online on a Greek translation of the where the word Pharmacy came from: Wikipedia:

No matter what any description says, we should try to wisely discern what kind of spirit is permeating our entire world. It’s been a long prepared program that is tagged as the Great Reset.

Great Reset

Plans from the Crown, Own Nothing and Be Happy, or else!

Pretty obvious programming when you can take a lot of time to not only think for yourself but just to get a mild gist of what’s truly going down. Covid is just the beginning in a mild sense of the plan.

History repeating itself, but with a much scarier background event. Remember the hand trick. Slight of hand but great distractions on the world stage.

Tsimshian Thunderbird comes of out of the North Star to cleanse the Earth, again

My Tsimshian ancestors warned us and so have all the ancestors of our tribal existence, for thousands of years. It’s much scarier than anyone can ever imagine.

This world war three our controllers have us distracted by is is a picnic compared to the reasons why they have built and are building their underground cities, like all our cave people ancestors did.

All along the 33rd Parallel is where the majority of underground activities are taking place. Apparently the safest place, historically, to hide from electromagnetic plasma forces.

It’s not nuclear bombs or aliens, hah, don’t you see that our controllers are the aliens. They don’t care about us at all. We are their subjects, slaves and we are disposable.

Anyways please do your own research, amazing what really took place in our world, beyond the free mason education program. My cousins new book, ‘Rise of Indigenous Nations’ clarifies are true history and will open your mind to our true history, worldwide.

Soon to be released, Calvin Helin has written yet another well researched book.

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