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Good day readers, hopefully you are breathing healthy and staying calm. These are challenging changing times that are causing a lot of pressure for our elderly and teenagers. I have drummed and shared my songs and stories with many of them.

I remember how our government and media instilled fear in us when I was a teenager living in Prince Rupert, reporting about the Japanese possibly attacking and then the Russians firing bombs at us, and like now we chose to believe them and send our innocent young people off the fight the planned profit wars. Not much has changed today but there is a lot more quick sensationalism and gossip media programs that of course are controlled by our government and other higher darker powers.

Yesterday I spoke to 5 groups of teens at a school in Qualicum Beach. Preparing for the presentations was exhausting for my mind and spirit, mainly because I didn’t want to put them to sleep, which is where my drum comes in handy, so I chose to share my own story that related to my blended Nationalities and how I saw my Aboriginal relatives who lived on the reservation where my half breed father was born.

Arthur Helin 1984

I explained to the young people that I never had to deal with any prejudism through my whole life. Number one I don’t look dark enough to fit the Government appointed profile of an Indian and my Dad married a non aboriginal woman, which paled our skin considerably.

There is much more details on these topics but I mainly wanted to focus on how I came to be a well know Aboriginal artist and cultural educator and how my art helped me get through some pretty tough down times.

I really feel for our children and young people going through all this dramatic world issues and continual fear porn pushed continuously through social media. I hated myself as a teen and had so much anger in me that I escaped into drugs, alcohol and violence and even attempted suicide a couple of times, fortunately unsuccessfully.

I hope and pray we can find hope in unifying as the human race rather than the sheep show, as we are running out of time with what tiny bit of freedom our controllers are allowing us to have.

I drum with many people and find that it helps to soothe theirs fears and enhances their well being amidst the dirty energy and negative gossip programs on tv.

Blessings of unity is my prayer, thanks for reading my story and I hope you and your loved ones are staying strong and unified.

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