Drum Therapy and Design?

It’s always good to have a backup job, maybe even a useful trade.

I love my art career and all the various creative outlets I have, but of course neither are among the necessary needs in life, like income security.

Young people it’s wise to have some kind of trade in life, even if you hate it.

Or how hard it is to comprehend a manual labour job.

Based upon our economic history, we are headed for another big crash. It’s already affected my art career three times in since I started my Native art career in 1982.

Now I’m a drum therapist designer. Drumming up a new clientele that are interested in living a better life and healing through drum vibes.

And yes I would love to design a copper healing bracelet for you too.

Best advice I can give you tonight-

Work hard at keeping healthy and live without regrets.

And always be greatful to our Great Creator for blessing us with the Journey of Life, in preparation for a wonderful new world.

Good night and thanks for reading

One thought

  1. Good morning Bill,

    Wonderful drumming to sooth the soul.

    Blessings on your latest adventure.


    Sent from my iPhone



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