In my Tsimshian culture animal Life Crests are very important visual representations of Tribal Clans, which are bloodline connected from birth through our Mothers. In this day and age there has been a break down of the protected bloodline tradition so that to maintain the traditional practice it has to be done through adoptions and tribunal committee agreements.

My Mother is Norwegian but wasn’t adopted traditionally so I have carried my Grandmothers Life Crest on my Tsimshian side of the Family, which of course is my Fathers Aboriginal side, making my Clan Crest as the Raven.

Choose Your Life Crest

First you can choose an animal or design topic that will represent you as an engraved symbol on your jewelry. You can also use family Coat of Arms or logo designs, but I encourage you to be unique about your symbols.

Most of my clients choose their favorite animals and sometime they will choose two. I recommend no more than three for a Love Ring and 1/2″ bracelets.

Secondly I will send your concept via e-mail and you can review it and give me your insights and further ideas, if any.

Thirdly I will start the metal preparation and apply your design and then hand engrave it into the precious metal.

Eagle Bracelet Design


I call it an adoption when my clients request one of my Tsimshian Tribal Designs for their Life Crests.

Most people respectfully understand that these designs are passed on from many generations of Tribal use and they want to share in the true respect of the tribal and family ownership of some of the designs.

Most of the designs I create are newly inspired just for my clients, as I want everyone to have an original concept for their special occassion and investment.

No adoption papers are needed just my permission by design. I give you permission to wear my originally created design for you no matter what traditional Tsimshian animals you choose.

“I am thankful for your interest in my wearable art and look forward to our creative journey”. Bill Helin

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