I was reading an article today about one of my favorite precious metals, Copper. It was the first metal that I experimented with hand engraving tools that belonged to another Tsimshian artist in Prince Rupert, a daunting experience to say the least. That was a couple of years before my fishing boat accident that lead me in the direction of the Ksan Indian Art School in Hazelton BC.

After the year 1980 I had 6 months of native art, design, tool making and carving wood at Ksan, taught by master carvers from the Tsimshian and Gitksan Nations of Northern BC. Truly a blessing to have such a wonderful variety of teachings that surprisingly captivated all of my creative interests, except for wood carving, which was a much slower creative process than I like, which is why I gravitated to engraving precious metals.

Excerpt from an Internet Article

Written by Michael Jessimy

Copper health benefits includes protecting cognitive function, promoting immune function, supporting bone density, relieving arthritis, supporting growth and development, aiding production of melanin, helps with faster skin healing, supports iron absorption, aiding digestion, slowing down aging process, boosting energy, supporting thyroid function, protection against heart diseases, fighting cancer, and improving blood circulation.

There are many other amazing uses for this metal that are very surprising to most people, mainly because Platinum,Gold and Silver are the most popular metals used for making jewelry.

Just because of it’s pricing it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of a lower importance and value to us as humans and the common useage in everyday life, wires and cables, untensils, jewelry and bowls and plates etc.

It is a very versatile metal that carries an natural ionic charge that can kills germs and viruses, this makes it a very important metal for our own health protection.

Copper Bracelet with Eagle and Hummingbird Designs hand engraved

I’m not going to get carried away with all the other benefits, it’s all very easily found on line but my main purpose in writing this was to share my own experience using this wonderful metal. I have made many jewelry items such as bracelets and pendants, I also made numerous large masks to add to my wood carving projects.

I pounded heated and carved it, then polished it up all nice and shiny. It was great for hammering in three dimensions because it could handle tons of heat, used for making it softer after extensive hammering. For more info on the 3-D hammering process, called Repousse’, please read my other blog about it.

I believe that copper jewelry will become even more popular once people understand just how beneficial it is for healing and good health. It can even protect you from the harmful wifi and micro wave that is coming from the new G-5 technology. Check out all the programs on youtube and many articles exposing the dangers of all the cloud and microwave technology put into our world with scary results. All intensional attacks on humanity. Again do your research and wake up to the attack on humanity.

Culturally in my Tsimshian history the copper shield was the most important and valuable possession of our chiefs. It came from a river in our territory where it was extracted and pounded into small shields and painted and sometimes carved, after iron tools were introduced to the artists in the early 1700s.
It’s mind boggling to see some of the artifacts that are rattles and masks made from the virgin copper from that area, and very detailed hammered and engraved. We are very spoiled with the tools and equipment we have to work with these days.

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