Inspired by the sad story of a mother orca who carried her dead calf around for a couple of weeks off the BC coast.

It was truly heartbreaking to see as she displayed her baby to all the world as if to say, “Look what you humans did to my baby.”

From a slab of firewood from my friends backyard I transformed the old red cedar into a Mother Orca and her Baby, swimming up to breach for air.

Unified in Love and a Protective Security, a mother Loves her child and they swim off on another journey, not knowing what lies ahead.

It doesn’t look good, but our Creator will help us fix things some day soon. Pray and be ready but in the meantime let’s be as protective as we can with our little creatures.

Textured back with natural burl movement in the wood, making for wave like water movement as Mother and Baby swim towards surface of the ocean in an expression of joy and love.

Titled: ‘A Mothers Faithful Love’, a Red Cedar sculpture with turquoise eyeballs, 4 x 2′ -70lbs.

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