Hello and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this and hopefully check out my website.

It has been many months, in fact a couple years since I put any effort into sprucing up my website, so now since Ive started the process with the help of a professional web designer, I know its important to take the time to inform you about why I took so long to do this and where have I been going with my art career.

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New Ideas

I know that from keeping an eye on the world economics and our local market place that survival in this new technological information clouded world, I know its important to keep up on everything just to pay the bills, never mind getting ahead, thats a whole other article. It’s a fast pace environment now that has not only extracted over 75% of the original art sales market of opportunities but it has cheapened what the buying public sees as collectable art.

I’ve always looked at new innovative and faster ways to produce my artwork as my bread and butter income, with my more collectable late night projects focusing on painting, wood carving or a sculpted gold ring or bracelet. I never wanted to cheapen my art into gift products, not until I was badly injured in a mountain bike accident. Then i was wishing I not only had insurance but also a back up income to get me through financially.

Not too long after my recovery I was searching for reputable companies who would want to reproduce my designs into affordable gift products for the corporate and tourist market. Now I have over 150 different products that sell from 10- 100 dollars, and I am very thankful after a few slow months of sales to receive a royalty check in the mail.

I have put a lot of hours into designing and brainstorming new products and approching new companies with all my, mostly Indigenous, traditional designs. Now I have childrens education and story books, stuffed animals, silk and leathers products, as well as some new wood and jewelry products that arent as highly priced as my original art.

Final Words

I wont make this a long winded article because I know you have a lot on your plate, what with, linkedin, facebook, YouTube, oh dont forget your precious mate and family, time is of the valued commodity, I just wanted to say that I still love to design my art from my heart, even with all the new technology tools and digital conveniences. It all still comes from my head and hands to get to my clients, just like when we wood carvers discovered chainsaws and painters discovered airbrushes, now we have photoshop and a ton of other digital art programs to produce our new ideas and creativity with.

I love it all and hope that you can still support your local starving artists, even if it is just by buying an art card or storybook, it still hopefully sends us artists a much needed royalty check to keep paying our bills with. Please support your local artists and businesses if possible instead of feeding the greedy Amazon and Costco companies who are replacing us with robots and computers and selling us cheap disposable stuff from overseas.

Be wise and be thankful.

Creatively, Bill Helin


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