Bill Helin is an artist, drumming enthusiast, book writer/illustrator and designer who creates two and three dimensional art in the tradition of his Tsimshian Indian Ancestry.

Bill has focused on the Traditional Tsimshian art of his Fathers ancestry since 1980 and has created Hand engraved Platinum, Gold, Silver and copper Jewelry and Wearable Fashion Art ever since.

Some of his accomplishments include designing the patch worn by astronauts on the U.S. space shuttle Columbia in 1996, and two uniform patches for Canadian Astronaut Dr.Robert Thirsk his 2011 International Space Station,6 month mission.

Bill’s First uniform patches for Shuttle Columbia mission in 1994

He also worked on the “world’s tallest” (192 foot tall) totem pole, known as the ‘Spirit of Lekwammen’, carved for the Commonwealth Games in Victoria to symbolize unity among all Tribes and Nations of the world.

Carving the Spirit of Lekwammen in Victoria BC
Flying up to the 200’ height with the Tsimshian Raven at the 40’ level

Since 2014 Bill has been working with Strong Nations Publishers in Nanaimo writing and illustrating children’s education books and is currently offering his book reading and drumming services to the Home and Public School network.

Drumming with my granddaughter Trinity and friends at the North Island Wildlife Centre in Errington BC
Circle of friends comes from a series of cultural assimilation books Bill illustrated in 2015

Another important area of Bill’s career has been drumming and singing traditional Tsimshian songs, most of which praise our Creator and thank Him for Blessing us with this beautiful earth and all it’s creatures.

Bill has recently launched a new Drum therapy and Fitness business where he teaches about the amazing benefits of Drum vibrations, drum making, designing your Life Crest and applying it to your drums.

Octopus drum

He still enjoys creating Love and Wedding Jewelry for people and doing big wood carving projects for the home, artist in residence or corporate environments..

“Creating original works of art has been a wonderful career and hobby, but the greatest passions in my life are spending quality time with my family and drumming good healing vibes.” BH


Bill, Tamara and Trinity are featured at the Eagle Release event, at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre in Errington BC.


Mr.Helin is available for personal voice consultations or text and e-mails are fine too.

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