3-D Precious Metal Wearable Art

This is truly an elite kind of art that was first invented in Egypt, way back, and is practiced by very few people. It is called ‘Repousse’ and it is a tedious metal forming process that takes a lot of heat and a lot of hammering.

The metal has to be hammered carefully, so as not to break through the thinning sheet of gold, silver or platinum.

It is time and labor intensive and very expensive, if the item is very elaborate. Contact me if you are interested in having your Life Crest Story shaped into one of these special pieces. You wont have many people saying, “Oh I have one of those at home somewhere”.

These pieces jump right out off your skin.3-D Bracelet 2

Hello world! Welcome to my Love Ring Blog


I am happy to share some wonderful teachings from my Tsimshian Aboriginal Culture, mostly focusing on hand engraved Mythological Designs that transform into Humans.

I have spent over 35 years creating Love Rings for my clients from all over the world, connecting through the internet and then on the telephone. Some clients have even flown from as far as Texas and Australia to pick their rings up in person.

Mish love

Even though this art form has Traditional roots in my Aboriginal Heritage, I have taught and shared the new way of joining couples together in a way that spiritually connects human spirits through the Love of Nature and Wild Animals.

Embosd Chilkat

I have made rings for thousands of people, who are sharing their personal Love Story, through this beautiful Storytelling hand engraved Wearable Art. Will you be the next couple to take a Creative Cultural Love Journey? I’m looking forward to it.

And congratulations on your Love and Friendship with one another.

Creatively, Bill Helin