3-D Precious Metal Wearable Art

This is truly an elite kind of art that was first invented in Egypt, way back, and is practiced by very few people. It is called ‘Repousse’ and it is a tedious metal forming process that takes a lot of heat and a lot of hammering.

The metal has to be hammered carefully, so as not to break through the thinning sheet of gold, silver or platinum.

It is time and labor intensive and very expensive, if the item is very elaborate. Contact me if you are interested in having your Life Crest Story shaped into one of these special pieces. You wont have many people saying, “Oh I have one of those at home somewhere”.

These pieces jump right out off your skin.3-D Bracelet 2



Back in 1992 I was given a very small piece of Platinum. It was very daunting, as I remember it I was holding this dime size heavy object that looked like white gold or silver.

From flat to 3-D
From flat to 3-D

I hadn’t even read up on this type of precious metal yet, and there was no google or Siri back then- so all that I knew was that it was very expensive, close to today’s price, and that it was more challenging to work with than white gold: which was harder to engrave than yellow gold. I was very intimated but at the same time I was extremely excited about this new challenge.

I stuck the little chunk of platinum onto my carving block, onto a Jewelers cement engravers platform. Then I visualized a small eagle head design. There wasn’t much space for anything elaborate, but that was just to make the challenge a little less daunting. After all it was just a little tiny fella anyways, how hard could it be right?

One thing I should say about this challenge is that I started carving sterling silver after leaving Ksan Indian Art a School in Hazelton in the spring of 1989, and I had been engraving totally by hand power, the old school way.

Hand engraving , the old way
Hand engraving , the old way

It was an overwhelming shock when I dug my engraver tip into the platinum, to say the least, and unlike the gold and silver experience of intensely pushing the engraver forward a little at a time, there was no movement. As I dug in harder, the tip of my very sharp tool just seemed to be stuck and would not glide at all.

It sure would’ve been easier to have given up and sent the platinum back to whence it came, but that would’ve been like giving up, my parents taught me that giving up was not an option, so I didn’t, I chose to think a little deeper into my freshman experience at the Ksan School and reflect on my tool making time.

Long story condensed, I looked at this precious metal that was heavier than a gold piece the exact same size, which meant it had to be a much denser, in its molecular structure, (google it). Also making it three to four time heavier. Digging into the metals surface had to be  approached in a way, where the cutting  tool would enter less intensively.

After a number of resharpenings of the angle of the engraver tip, I ended up trying to slice smaller pieces of metal rather than digging into the brick wall. This was the answer to the problem. Lighter surface slicing, still intense and very time consuming, hence the high cost of my Platinum Wedding and Love Rings.

Even though it was still a lot of extra work , I was able to slowly slice out an eagle design. Unfortunately there was another brick wall ahead...polishing platinum; the toughest, baddest, meanest, most beautiful and perfect metal on earth, and very likely in our universe.Embosd Chilkat

To be continued- thanks for reading



Platinum is difinitely the most beautiful and challenging Precious Metals on earth, without a doubt. It has no equal and only has white gold as a comparable metal.

When I first tried hand engraving platinum I thought there was something wrong with my engraving tool, thinking maybe it was too dull or even had a broken tip. Sharp tools are essential for good quality hand engraving. Contrary to my first thoughts it turned out that the metal just too darn tough to cut through with my gold and silver carving tools, so I had to try something different to conquer this new beast.

In the mood light of platinum
In the mood light of platinum

I ended up having to sharpen new tools with a sharper angle so that it would slice, as the other tools just seemed to dig in and not glide through the metal.

Platinum is called the perfect precious metal because it has the most dense molecular structure of any metal, which is why it is usually heavier than other rings. All that jargon means that as solid and smooth as gold seems, it still is as tight and dense as platinum.

Best way to describe the comparison is to take two identical looking rings, if you held them in your right and left hand you would notice that the platinum ring literally weighs quite a bit more than the identical looking white gold ring.


There are many websites that will give you a more thorough education about platinum, I just wanted you to understand what my experience was to want to be able to hand engrave a new expensive precious metal.

It takes well over twice the time and effort to duplicate the process off gold engraving, even polishing platinum was a discouraging journey at first until I asked my jewelry supplier about polishing this challenging metal. Forty they had special platinum polishing buffs and substances that made the process a little easier.

Bottom line is if you can afford to invest in platinum rather than the big diamond, you will also be investing in the extra efforts and creativity that jewelry artists like myself  put into these special challenging wearable art projects. There is an abundance of true value in these hand engraved platinum jewelry pieces, and you can really feel it when you wear it.

If you want the best then you know that platinum is king of the precious metals.

Shine on.

Traditional v.s. Tsimshian Wedding Rings

Mish love

When you look at all the different styles of wedding rings, different prices, big diamond or smaller cluster settings, is it any wonder what the real meaning of Love is when the man is being judged for his Love Investment? Big stress to most men and sometimes a long expensive payment program.
When I started to design rings for my clients in 1981, I realized that most of my clients were second timers who wanted something unique and personalized. So I started my Native Life Crest Design collection of rings that represented the people through Mythological Animal Symbols. These symbols were invented hundreds maybe thousands of years ago by my Tsimshian ancestors, out of respect for the animals they had been Blessed with for servival.
Nowadays Im blessed to be able to offer these Life Crests as hand engraved Love Rings that Spiritually and Creatively
represent people in their choices of favorite animals, on one single band, usually about 3/8″ wide. Sometimes with a recycled diamond but mostly without.
It’s the true meaning of the gift of Love that they have come to comforts with on their new love Journey.
I wish you all a wonderful Love Journey.

Tsimshian Life Crest Designs

Love Rings Transform Humans into Animals


“For over 35 years now I have been teaching couples about how they can adopt Tsimshian Native Life Crest Animals, which I will engrave into their chosen precious metal Love Rings.Ravn orca salmn ring set des

Usually the lady will choose a feminine type animal and of course the man will choose a masculine animal crest to represent him, usually I will design them to touch nose to nose.

Most crests are different from their mates, mainly because I encourage a favorite animal that they connect with through a Love for Nature, or maybe like my situation culturally, I was given the Raven Crest at birth from my Tsimahian/Tlingit Grandmother.


I am Blessed to work with people who are in Love and who are interested in my wearable art treasures, there aren’t many jobs like this.

This art form has no equal in the way that both Nature and Spirituality come together through myhtological designs. Worn and reflected on when looked at and shared, together, or apart from each other.

I look forward to taking a Creative Love Journey with you soon.”

Creatively and Sincerely, Bill Helin

Hello world! Welcome to my Love Ring Blog


I am happy to share some wonderful teachings from my Tsimshian Aboriginal Culture, mostly focusing on hand engraved Mythological Designs that transform into Humans.

I have spent over 35 years creating Love Rings for my clients from all over the world, connecting through the internet and then on the telephone. Some clients have even flown from as far as Texas and Australia to pick their rings up in person.

Mish love

Even though this art form has Traditional roots in my Aboriginal Heritage, I have taught and shared the new way of joining couples together in a way that spiritually connects human spirits through the Love of Nature and Wild Animals.

Embosd Chilkat

I have made rings for thousands of people, who are sharing their personal Love Story, through this beautiful Storytelling hand engraved Wearable Art. Will you be the next couple to take a Creative Cultural Love Journey? I’m looking forward to it.

And congratulations on your Love and Friendship with one another.

Creatively, Bill Helin