Platinum is difinitely the most beautiful and challenging Precious Metals on earth, without a doubt. It has no equal and only has white gold as a comparable metal.

When I first tried hand engraving platinum I thought there was something wrong with my engraving tool, thinking maybe it was too dull or even had a broken tip. Sharp tools are essential for good quality hand engraving. Contrary to my first thoughts it turned out that the metal just too darn tough to cut through with my gold and silver carving tools, so I had to try something different to conquer this new beast.

In the mood light of platinum
In the mood light of platinum

I ended up having to sharpen new tools with a sharper angle so that it would slice, as the other tools just seemed to dig in and not glide through the metal.

Platinum is called the perfect precious metal because it has the most dense molecular structure of any metal, which is why it is usually heavier than other rings. All that jargon means that as solid and smooth as gold seems, it still is as tight and dense as platinum.

Best way to describe the comparison is to take two identical looking rings, if you held them in your right and left hand you would notice that the platinum ring literally weighs quite a bit more than the identical looking white gold ring.


There are many websites that will give you a more thorough education about platinum, I just wanted you to understand what my experience was to want to be able to hand engrave a new expensive precious metal.

It takes well over twice the time and effort to duplicate the process off gold engraving, even polishing platinum was a discouraging journey at first until I asked my jewelry supplier about polishing this challenging metal. Forty they had special platinum polishing buffs and substances that made the process a little easier.

Bottom line is if you can afford to invest in platinum rather than the big diamond, you will also be investing in the extra efforts and creativity that jewelry artists like myself  put into these special challenging wearable art projects. There is an abundance of true value in these hand engraved platinum jewelry pieces, and you can really feel it when you wear it.

If you want the best then you know that platinum is king of the precious metals.

Shine on.

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