Traditional v.s. Tsimshian Wedding Rings

Mish love

When you look at all the different styles of wedding rings, different prices, big diamond or smaller cluster settings, is it any wonder what the real meaning of Love is when the man is being judged for his Love Investment? Big stress to most men and sometimes a long expensive payment program.
When I started to design rings for my clients in 1981, I realized that most of my clients were second timers who wanted something unique and personalized. So I started my Native Life Crest Design collection of rings that represented the people through Mythological Animal Symbols. These symbols were invented hundreds maybe thousands of years ago by my Tsimshian ancestors, out of respect for the animals they had been Blessed with for servival.
Nowadays Im blessed to be able to offer these Life Crests as hand engraved Love Rings that Spiritually and Creatively
represent people in their choices of favorite animals, on one single band, usually about 3/8″ wide. Sometimes with a recycled diamond but mostly without.
It’s the true meaning of the gift of Love that they have come to comforts with on their new love Journey.
I wish you all a wonderful Love Journey.

Tsimshian Life Crest Designs

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