Love Rings Transform Humans into Animals


“For over 35 years now I have been teaching couples about how they can adopt Tsimshian Native Life Crest Animals, which I will engrave into their chosen precious metal Love Rings.Ravn orca salmn ring set des

Usually the lady will choose a feminine type animal and of course the man will choose a masculine animal crest to represent him, usually I will design them to touch nose to nose.

Most crests are different from their mates, mainly because I encourage a favorite animal that they connect with through a Love for Nature, or maybe like my situation culturally, I was given the Raven Crest at birth from my Tsimahian/Tlingit Grandmother.


I am Blessed to work with people who are in Love and who are interested in my wearable art treasures, there aren’t many jobs like this.

This art form has no equal in the way that both Nature and Spirituality come together through myhtological designs. Worn and reflected on when looked at and shared, together, or apart from each other.

I look forward to taking a Creative Love Journey with you soon.”

Creatively and Sincerely, Bill Helin

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